Friday, April 25, 2008

Eulogy to Lou's Dad

This week my husband lost his best friend, his Dad. My father in law was one of a kind. Old school all the way. They just don't make 'em like that today. This is the eulogy that my husband wrote and said in church yesterday. He couldn't make it through the whole thing, and his sister took over, barely making it through herself. Not a dry eye in the house. He really did a good job describing and honoring his Dad.

Salvatore J. Petix April 21, 2008

Over the last few months, as I forced myself to realize that this day was imminent, I knew that it would be important for me to describe the man who provided, protected, and loved unconditionally, his family for his entire life.
My father Sam was a man of great humility. He would never talk about his accomplishments. Yet he always beamed with pride when speaking of his parents, siblings, wife, children and especially his grandchildren. Nothing made him happier than spending time with his family. Either working, cooking on the grill, playing catch, or watching a Yankee game, is how he found pleasure. He fit right in with any age group and was young at heart. Dad never took himself too seriously in a social situation, and even though his hearing loss made conversations a little more difficult, you could always count on him for a witty, interesting, and intelligent conversation.
Dad worked in the family business his entire life. First with his father and siblings, and then with his sons. He started in the bottling business washing pop bottles by hand at 10 years old and gracefully bowing out at the young age of 84. And today my father’s legacy lives on.
During his entire career he was known to be an honest, compassionate and fair man. Qualities that he felt strongly about instilling in my sister, my brother, and me. He taught us through his actions, stories, accomplishments and his unmatched work ethic. One of Dads favorite sayings was “nothing good comes easy”, and when things go wrong, I can always hear my father saying it, and it inspires me to finish the task at hand.
My father enjoyed, believed and lived a simple life. Material things were of little value to him, and expensive things never impressed him. Give my father strawberries for breakfast, spaghetti with burnt breadcrumbs and anchovies, and his banana every day and he was a happy man. He disapproved of arrogance and envy, and taught us to be happy and content with what we have. We learned that family is more important than things, and hard work is a reward in itself.
Dad was a man of tremendous intelligence, common sense and perseverance. But his most admirable qualities were his dedication and love for his wife. Even after fifty years of marriage, my father would still kiss mom goodbye each morning and hello as soon as he walked in the door after work. He flirted with her continuously; he teased her relentlessly and loved her endlessly until his dying breath.
Dad, we know that you’re in heaven with grandpa and grandma. Probably drinking your fresh squeezed orange juice at the kitchen table with Aunt Connie, Uncle Joe, and Uncle Leo. All of you talking about the stock market, laughing at an inside family joke, ½ in English and ½ in Italian. Enjoying your family once again.
But just remember Dad, we will never forget what you have taught us through your words and actions. We’ll never forget the way that you loved us, and inspired us. We miss you so much it hurts, and our hearts are broken. However, God must have needed the best Ginger ale and Gassosa to mix with his wine at his table, and so he called you home. Rest in Peace now Dad, and know that we will make you proud, miss you, remember you and love you until we see you again.

Happy Family

Happy Family
Myself, hubby Louie and Ricky and Ronny on my big 40 birthday!

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