Thursday, August 23, 2007

Get in the kitchen and cook

And I'm not talking about grabbing something out of the freezer and throwing it in the microwave. Go get a cookbook and pick out a recipe. How hard is this? Its not rocket science. Don't you want to prepare a good, nutritional meal for your family? You don't even need a cookbook. All you need is your imagination. Ok lets say you have a box of rigatoni or some other type of pasta in your pantry. Now go to the fridge. See anything green? Broccoli? Escarole? How about mushrooms? Onion? Maybe a jar of roasted red peppers. Garlic! Grated cheese? Ok...go get the olive oil and a skillet. Chop up the garlic and throw it in the pan with the olive oil..LOOK YOUR COOKING!! Clean and chop whatever else you have, and throw that in the pan. Cook till wilted and smelling yummy. In the mean time I hope you had enough common sense to boil some water and cook the macaroni. Now toss it all together. You have a meal. Sprinkle with cheese, serve with salad and a good crusty loaf of Italian bread...your family and your bank account will love you. You probably just saved about $30 bucks and it only took 30 minutes to make.

OH and Pizza? Its not dinner. Its a treat. Your family deserves better.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Football Football Football...
9am drive oldest to practice
11am pick up from practice
wash filthy practice clothes
6pm drive youngest to practice
830pm pick up from practice

all this and find time to eat, clean, feed youngest when he gets home, clean again, wash his stinky clothes, get everyone is the shower, into bed and start all over. And my poor husband needs some loving in there somewhere. I can't wait till football is over!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why does PMS get worse as you get older?? Wouldn't you think that you have paid your dues? Time for a little break?? I have been a raving lunatic for two weeks now. I actually threw a wooden spoon across the kitchen the other day narrowly missing my youngest sons head...good thing he is athletic and has great reactions. My husband has been flying under my radar...good instincts that man has. My oldest is clueless and keeps asking me what is wrong with me. "Ma...what is your problem? One minute your nice and the next minute your yelling at us!" What wrong with me is the freakin' hormones that are raging war inside my body and taking control of my brain and turning me into a freakin' whack job!! I hate being like this..I'm seriously looking forward to menopause..I'll take hot flashes over Linda Blair head spins any day. I'm sure my husband and boys are looking forward to an end to the madness also.

Happy Family

Happy Family
Myself, hubby Louie and Ricky and Ronny on my big 40 birthday!

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