Thursday, August 23, 2007

Get in the kitchen and cook

And I'm not talking about grabbing something out of the freezer and throwing it in the microwave. Go get a cookbook and pick out a recipe. How hard is this? Its not rocket science. Don't you want to prepare a good, nutritional meal for your family? You don't even need a cookbook. All you need is your imagination. Ok lets say you have a box of rigatoni or some other type of pasta in your pantry. Now go to the fridge. See anything green? Broccoli? Escarole? How about mushrooms? Onion? Maybe a jar of roasted red peppers. Garlic! Grated cheese? Ok...go get the olive oil and a skillet. Chop up the garlic and throw it in the pan with the olive oil..LOOK YOUR COOKING!! Clean and chop whatever else you have, and throw that in the pan. Cook till wilted and smelling yummy. In the mean time I hope you had enough common sense to boil some water and cook the macaroni. Now toss it all together. You have a meal. Sprinkle with cheese, serve with salad and a good crusty loaf of Italian bread...your family and your bank account will love you. You probably just saved about $30 bucks and it only took 30 minutes to make.

OH and Pizza? Its not dinner. Its a treat. Your family deserves better.


  1. YOU GO GIRL!!! Love you hot momma!


  2. Your blog looks great! I hope to see more posts like this. I left my parents house only knowing how to "cook" by following directions on boxed foods.(yuck!) I am proof that you can learn how to prepare healthy/wonderful meals by watching the foodnetwork and reading cookbooks. It is not too hard and it's worth all the effort since it's sooo much healthier plus all the ohhhh's and ahhh's feel nice to receive. Your line about pizza being a treat not dinner is so funny! Many of my friends order/serve it multiple times a week because they don't want to cook!

  3. Hey now Dawn. Pizza can be dinner....we just did it last night. I made pizza crusts, got them on trays, added sauce and let each family member personalize thier pizza with the things they love most. They love this. We don't do it all the time (I like to cook too much for that) but it is tons of fun for the kids!

  4. Amen sistah-friend!



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Happy Family
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