Thursday, August 2, 2007

Why does PMS get worse as you get older?? Wouldn't you think that you have paid your dues? Time for a little break?? I have been a raving lunatic for two weeks now. I actually threw a wooden spoon across the kitchen the other day narrowly missing my youngest sons head...good thing he is athletic and has great reactions. My husband has been flying under my radar...good instincts that man has. My oldest is clueless and keeps asking me what is wrong with me. "Ma...what is your problem? One minute your nice and the next minute your yelling at us!" What wrong with me is the freakin' hormones that are raging war inside my body and taking control of my brain and turning me into a freakin' whack job!! I hate being like this..I'm seriously looking forward to menopause..I'll take hot flashes over Linda Blair head spins any day. I'm sure my husband and boys are looking forward to an end to the madness also.

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  1. Oh my gosh this blog cracked me up! Until the past few months I wouldn't have understood but all of a sudden after reaching 29 - WHAM! I can't believe how much it effects me beyond all reason. Your husband does sound like a smart man!


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Happy Family
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