Saturday, November 15, 2008


With all that is happening in the world we really need to bow our heads and give thanks for what we have. We need to stop wishing for what we don't have and be grateful for we do have. Be thankful that you woke up this morning in a bed. In a warm house. Be thankful that you could go make coffee. Don't complain that you had to get up and go to work. Be thankful that you have a job. Don't complain that your kids are driving you crazy. Be thankful you have healthy children. We are all so busy running around chasing the brass ring that we don't realize that most of us already have it. Its there, if you look for it. If you look at your life through the eyes of someone less forutnate you are a king. My Father always used the saying " I complained that I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet." Take this time to not only give thanks, but also to just give. Be it a dollar or a meal. Giving back is what keeps us humble, keeps us thankful and is the ultimate thing that one can do for another. Don't turn your back and pretend that you don't see. Lend a hand, lend a dollar, an ear or a shoulder. Give your time or your old coat that never gets worn. Thanksgiving isn't just about the turkey on the table. Its not all about gathering as a family to be thankful. Its about giving thanks as well as giving hope. Giving hope to someone who is less fortunate than us. Giving them something to hold onto...maybe their own brass ring.

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  1. You are so right...
    Thanks for the reminder.


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Happy Family
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