Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Back!

I stopped blogging because life got a little busy and the blog was pushed to the back burner. Well, I realize now how much I miss it! I'm ready to begin sharing my life with all of you again. While I probably will never be that everyday blogger(my life isn't that interesting!) I will attempt to post at least twice a week. I'll bring you recipes of course, pictures, and funny things that occur in my life on a daily basis living with two teenage boys and my husband all of which have the ability to make me laugh everyday. And sharing laughter is a good thing! We have a new family member since I last posted. SANTINO! Santino is a cockapoo with a huge personality. For years I've been asking my husband if we could get a puppy, the answer was always no. Louie didn't grow up having a dog or any pet. He didn't disilike dogs, he just wasn't a dog guy! I bought a stuffed animal dog that was adorable and I would put it around the house. I would put it near the door when my husband was expected home to greet him, put it on the bed, under the kitchen table at dinner..my husband thought I was nuts, I thought I was funny. Then one day my cousin sent me a picture of a litter of puppies that was for sale. Didn't those puppies look exactly like my little stuffed animal? I showed Louie the picture, he said, "if you want one, go get one!" He said he only said yes because they looked like the stuffed animal and he was used to that! Who knew my tactic of a fake dog would work! Well Santino came home last February and he is the biggest daddy's boy ever! My husband loves him! He fit right in and we all fell in love with him as soon as he got here. He fits right in and he has a great lovable personality.
I'm gathering pictures and recipes this week to post soon. I hope to really get this blog off the ground and really running! I'm always up for a challenge and I'm always in need of projects to keep me busy!!


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Happy Family

Happy Family
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