Thursday, September 6, 2007


Its 3:45 pm. I have just picked up youngest son from school. "Whats for dinner tonight?" he asks me.

Dinner? How could I forget dinner?

"Umm..we'll see when we get to the grocery store." I tell him, half believing it myself!

So we fly into the parking lot as I am on borrowed time as it is. Must get him home to do his homework, and get his football clothes into the dryer. Then put pads into pants and football girdle. (Any of you who have children who play football know what a highlight this is!) and get him to practice by 6pm and pick up older son at 6pm across town...see a conflict there? Oh and cook dinner? HA HA HA HA ha ha haaaa.

Ok...were in the produce dept. and my son is running trying to keep up with my frantic pace. I start throwing things into the cart...mushrooms, onions, spinach, hmm garlic of course. Mind you I still have no idea what I'm making, but these things are all good and I'll figure something out..I hope.

Ok...out of the produce dept, and around the corner on two wheels, smack into the ex husbands brother..who wants to chat. Yeah yeah yeah,,blah blah blah..gotta go.

Into the fish dept. Ok, I'm picking fish for tonight because its closer than the meat dept and its now 4:15. Clams, shrimp, and yeah I'll take some scallops. Make son run to the dairy dept to get milk. Someone keeps coming into my house and drinking all the milk....the boys keep saying "I didn't do it." Well this I didn't, better come up with a social security number because hes being claimed on the taxes this year.

Damn lines are a mile long and of course out of 27 checkouts there is 3 open and 2 express 7 items or less.

I pull into the express and dare someone to say something to me. Holy much?? What the hell was I thinking getting all this seafood? Oh well, everybody better eat it all or I'm shoving it down throats.

Get home, unload groceries, throw clothes in dryer and pray that they will be dry in 20 minutes. Tell son to get butt in gear and do homework.

OH MY GOD...why did I buy shrimp that needs to be peeled, deveined and cleaned. IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT!! errrr get to it. I'm still amazed I have all 10 fingers with as fast as I got them babies done. OK...check clothes. Hmmm dry enough. Its 90 degrees outside, they'll dry when he goes out there. Get the pads in and yell for him to get butt downstairs and start getting dressed. OK..5:46....gotta go hurry up! Of course this is my slowpoke son, so I figure I have time to clean scallops while he gets dressed. Done, out the door and we have 2 minutes to get 12 minutes away. Not to mention my oldest will be sitting on the stairs at school waiting for me.

I slowed down enough to let youngest jump out without injury..hey he had pads on and a helmet. Rush to other side of town and pick up oldest. Get home, throw on a pot of water for macaroni. Start cooking shrimp, than scallops, than clams.

How I got all this done, I don't even know, but I did, and I remembered to pick up youngest at 8pm!!!


  1. amazing what we can do when under pressure huh!!! NO WORKING MOTHER CAN HANG WITH US!!!LOL

  2. Awesome!!! What a super woman!! !:)

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  4. If those are pictures of what you make when you wing it with no time I GOTTA see what you cook when you have the time! Looks DELICIOUS!

  5. Didn't the store have shrimp that are packed and already peeled? Sure, fresh seafood takes time to prepare but I agree with Marcella, it's worth taking the time if those pictures are what you make after. The next time you crave for seafood but have no time to prepare, it wouldn't hurt to drop by at an affordable seafood bar. Crystal @ The Fish Bone Grill


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