Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New York, booze and San Gennaro

What a wonderful trip to New York City we had this past weekend!! So much to do and so much to see!! I get there about twice a year and still love it every time!! The energy, the shopping, the sights, the people, the food...whats not to love??

My weekend started on Friday. We flew into JFK and got to our hotel. I stayed at the Marriott in the financial district..very nice hotel, we stayed on the top floor (38th) and had an incredible view.

Of course we were starving when we got there and all I wanted to do was EAT!! So my first little snack was a lobster cocktail!! YUM

That night we went to Little Italy for the San Gennaro Feast and to have dinner. Dinner at Il Cortile was incredible as it always is...I have no pictures of the food or restaurant because I was too busy eating and drinking! After dinner we walked around the feast and drank some wine, ate some more food and called it an early night..about 2am!!

Then on Saturday I got to meet TIFFANY!!! Tiffany belongs to the same online club as I and she lives on Long Island. So of course we decided to meet up. We went to brunch at Bobby Flays joint and had a blast. This girl just cracked me up all day..what a sweetheart!!! She took my cousin and I shopping after brunch and we had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. I can't wait to hook up with her again!!!

The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind..we went to Brooklyn for dinner at Bamontes, and friends picked us up and took us to Staten Island to a club afterwards...a lot of fun and drinks there...we didn't get back to our hotel till 6am!!

After that night, Sunday was a little tough..we were exhausted. But we ventured on. Most of the day was spent at the San Gennaro feast in Little Italy where we made our way through every sausage stand. Of course we had our cannoli and espresso at Ferraras...yum yum yum
I am exhausted all over again just posting all of this!! There is so much to tell but I think I'll save it for my next blog. I think that Ground Zero deserves its own space here. And the tone is much different. What an emotional place.
But for now I am going to leave you with this NY teaser...if you have never been to NY you have to go. I know I'll be back there this holiday season and I can't wait!!!!!!!

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  1. OH! SO many memories came flooding back looking at the photos! I remember this street festival from when I was a kid and it was such a wonderful time! Thanks for reminding me!


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