Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Economy and Shoes!

While unemployment is up, costs for many things are down. I have little to no will power. Apparently all the online retailers know this. My inbox is stuffed full of advertising to entice me! 80% off, 75% off..SHOES! Be still my beating heart!! I have just a slight obsession with shoes. Don't most women? Wonder why? I'll tell you! Because they always fit!!! Always! Doesn't really matter if I gain that 5 pounds during the winter...my shoes will fit! When going shopping and looking fat in everything I try on..shoes will always look good..shoes can't make your ass look fat! And of course the higher the heel..the longer and thinner my legs look..then I think..hmm if I'm overweight at my flatfoot 5'0 inches tall...then the 5 inch heels would put me at an ideal weight for a 5'5" woman..right?? Well in my bizarre way of thinking it works!! Don't rain on my parade!
I've decided that for now we don't call it shopping..that seems a bit taboo..I have taken to calling it "stimulating the economy"!!
"Yes, dear, I'm going to stimulate the economy, stop at the post office, and then the dry cleaners today."
Sounds pretty good doesn't it?? I'm doing my civic duty! And I'm doing it wearing a fabulous pair of shoes...so there!!

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  1. Oh, stop!
    You're a baaaaad influence on me! ;-)


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Happy Family
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