Thursday, July 2, 2009

How To Throw An Italian Festival In Your Yard!

Well I wish I knew! I'm attempting to do this myself in August. The plans are in full swing right now and so is my panic!
I started out by making a guest list. Of course this list grew and grew. You know the routine, you invite Uncle Guido then you have to invite Uncle Luigi. Or If you invite Aunt Stella you better not invite Aunt Josephine, they haven't spoken in 56 years! So not unlike planning a wedding, the guest list is very important to the success of you festival! You want to also be sure to invite the Fun and Crazy friends and relatives, it will cut down on your entertainment expenses!

After fine tuning the guest list, its time to make out the invitations. I decided to just do a simple flyer type invite on the computer. It came out great. I added some Italian flags to it, and the whole "what, where, who, when" information that was needed.

Envelopes stuffed and addressed and mailed. Now onto the decorations.
After doing some research on the Internet I found tons of great decorations. There will be no doubt what the theme of the party is when the guest arrive. Here is one site that I found a lot of great decorations! This is another one.

Now onto the rental company for tents, chairs and tables! Once I found the company I am going to use, it became obvious I was in need of more than just some tables and chairs! I decided to rent a large grill also. Oh, I better get that 100 cup coffee maker too, unless I want to be standing at my 12 cup coffee maker for 3 hours! Oh look they rent EVERYTHING!! I had to reel myself in and not over do it! I am a woman after all and love to shop!! I got what I needed and that was that!

And the most important aspect of any good party is the food!!! In the beginning stages of planning this I though I would do ALL the food MYSELF. Silly silly silly me. What on earth was I thinking. Do you know how much macaroni you have to boil to serve 125 people? Or how many greens you have to wash for the greens and beans? Its not that I can't do this, I just think I might want to actually enjoy the party and not worry about ALL the food. So I've decided to cater out most of it and do a bit myself. I'll take care of the Italian sausage (because its not an Italian Festival without the smell of Italian Sausage wafting through the air) and the steamed clams and probably a few other things. Mom is making her stuffed banana peppers, and another friend is making pizza. The rest will be catered by a good friend from our favorite Italian restaurant.

So far planning this festival has been fun. Everyday I get a new idea! Everyone has been very excited about attending. Pretty funny how much different a response you get when you call something a festival instead of a party!!! Hope their expectations aren't tooo high!!

Don't forget the bocce ball!! Its a must! Great game for all ages. Maybe you can set up a tournament! We Italians can be a bit competitive you know!!

Last but not least the music. You have to stay true to the theme!! There will be plenty of Al Martino, Louie Prima, Frank Sinatra, and the like playing in the backround.

When the night is coming to a close and you sit back and enjoy that last cannoli and cup of coffee or espresso, pat yourself on the back for pulling off a unique and fun party...I mean festival!!
I will be sure to update my progress and meltdowns of our upcoming festival! And of course plenty of pictures of the big event!!!


  1. Jeez, I'm hungry. Marie... gimme some mortadell'.

  2. What a great post, I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

    C. Terol


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